How to get your applications across the internet: this has always been one of the most common problems that many application developers are facing. Many application developers face this great challenge, not because their applications are not great, but simply because they lack the right tools to help them put out their applications into the market.

 Installerex was innovatively developed by a team of technologically advanced individuals to provide an installation platform for applications. It has the complete set of tools to advertise and market applications so that they get the attention that they most deserve.

Not only that, the installer also provides the tools to help developers earn from their applications. The more their products are advertised, the higher the probability of getting their applications installed. The more installation, the greater the cash return. It is a truly win-win situation for all application developers.

Installerex is a guaranteed safe and secure platform. the installer the absolute platform from which developers can launch their applications from. They also have an easy-to-use user interface, making things a whole lot simpler and more manageable.

One of their most important tools is its tracking system, with detailed reports that help you track the performance of your application. With regards to the monetization, you can completely audit it using their reporting tools.


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    installerex was founded by an interdisciplinary team of experts on the Internet customer relations, and seasoned developers from leading international corporations.


    May 2013